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You Are In Control

Our web site designs let you take control of your site! You can easily make changes to your online menu, events schedule, daily dinner/weekly dinner specials, operating hours, promotional text or lodging rates.

All changes to critical web site areas can quickly and easily be accomplished from any computer with web access. When your site is up to date, it gets more traffic and your business benefits by being able to get your message out faster and at a lower cost than more conventional print advertising.

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Show Everything You Have To Offer

Think of your web site as an online brochure. This brochure is not limited by paper size, it doesn't have to be printed or mailed and is already available 24/7 in every home where you want to be seen.

Your site visitors can see bigger versions of the pictures by clicking on them. This is very valuable to prospective wedding and banquet customers. Those customers can also download your wedding/banquet information packages and print them on their own paper!

Customers can "tour" your facility online any time of the day or night and plan their trip to your business. The more information you put on the site, the less time you have to spend on the phone telling people the same things over and over again!

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Post and Control Your Online Menu

Let the customer see what you have to offer. It is easier to keep your online menu more up to date than your paper menus! Prices can be changed in a flash.

The menu is organized by the same categories that you have on your paper menus. Different side dishes and details can be added to each category. This feature is extremely useful for take-out businesses! You can even accept orders over the web without using email!

If you have more than one type of business, like an in-house bakery, you can even have a second or third menu system for only a modest one-time set up fee.

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Our SiteTools Give You The Power

The panel at right is a typical SiteTools control panel. All of the areas of your site that can be changed are controlled from this page.

The SiteTools panel is accessed by loggin in by entering a user name and password SiteTools log in boxin the box on the log in page., like this one. New log in combinations can be added with the "Add New User" tool on the SiteTools tolbar. After you have logged in, you are taken to the "Choices" page where you choose the tool to change the site data that needs added, updated or deleted.

We will train you and your staff and we are available to help if you get stuck!

A typical SiteTools control Panel


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